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Value Added Products

Auto Armor Vehicle Protection

At Super Group Dealerships we offer you a wide range of value-added products to protect you and your vehicle, view the basic products and information below for your convenience and speak to our designated Value Added Products Manager below to get the needed product knowledge and quotes for your vehicle. Safety Film, Sdivength, Durability, Protection a lifetime warranty now with R8000 worth of benefits.

Vehicle Safety and security have become an essential requirement on vehicles in Southern Africa, We at Super Group Dealerships offer our customers the opportunity of experiencing a one-stop-shop to take care of all their safety and protection requirements.

We understand that your new vehicle is one of your most precious assets and only the very best protection will do. We will ensure that our customers receive the best quality products, professional fitments along with first-class applications and nationally backed warranties from a source that has been divided, tested and divested for 33 years.

Below are some of our products to compliment your vehicle or Click on the Auto Armor Banner to view other option in our product line.

Headlight Protection

Clear vinyl protective film applied to the exterior of the vehicles headlights film moulded on with a heat application to take the form of the headlight and prevent pitting, chipping and scratching, easy to clean & maintain, the film does not crease, crack, peel or discolour in hot weather, 3-year warranty.

  • Applied to the vehicles interior i.E. Console, door panels, seating area, carpets and boot lining.
  • Protects the vehicle interior against unsightly stains and soiling.
  • Protects vinyl and leather against dulling, hardening, cracking and fading including premature weathering.
  • Free application of leather renewer after 6 months.
  • 50% discount off 4-reapplications of leather renewer.
  • 3-year warranty for new and pre-owned vehicles.
  • The paint and interior protection carry R14 500 worth of benefits combined.
  • Seals a puncture up to 6.35mm guaranteed.
  • Maintains tyre pressure 5 x longer.
  • Reduces tyre temperature.
  • Helps balance the wheel and tyre.
  • Reduces fuel consumption 1-3%.
  • Extends tyre life up to 25%.
  • Eliminates the major causes of blowouts.
  • SABS tested – report available on.
  • divansparent polyester discs – 1mm in diameter.
  • Discs are marked with a sophisticated laser etching process – consists of the vehicle’s unique VIN or assigned pin number.
  • Provides a theft deterrent service to protect you and your vehicle.
  • Proven to reduce the chance of high-jacking and theft by 50%.
  • Spray-on technology water-based polyurethane adhesive which contains an ultraviolet element.
  • 10 000 data dots are applied to specific locations on the vehicle in a minimum of 88 locations.
  • Detected by ultraviolet lighting.
  • Over 300 000 vehicles already dotted in RSA.
  • Making vehicles useless to organised crime.

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